SEM630B Wheel Loader

Product Details

Optimized for renting, construction sites and  sand factories and other loose material applications.

•High Reliability 

–Transmission box,  hydraulic parts and frame are made at CQL.   Structures were validated by using Caterpillar FEA finite element analysis and extensive field follow to realize the best fit. 

–The transmission design utilizes a robust countershaft design. The oil tube was put outside which is facilitate for maintenance, so the using life is extended.

–All-aluminum cooling system, which can make sure 24 hours continuously work.

•High Productivity 

–High efficiency double pump independent circuits, joint operation quick response, which is much more flexible than the single pump circuits. 

–The SEM PS bucket, utilizes a Caterpillar Patented design, the bucket collecting angle is increased to 50 degree, allows 10% more material to be loaded into the bucket, with less possibility of material scattering.

–2630mm short wheel base , with small turning radius, suitable for narrow space work. 

–Machine operation weight is 9.7 tons, with more flexible operation and better fuel efficiency.

• Turbocharged engine conforms to National Stage II emission standards and torque converter is optimized, meanwhile it greatly improves traction force and reduces fuel consumption by 5%.

• DIN standard high pressure hoses are made at Caterpillar’s Wuxi plant, and the pipeline layout is optimized.

• With enlarged bucket, the productivity is improved by 10%.

• Dump height is improved to 3.1m.

• Brand new design of cooling system meets the requirements for -20℃ ~ +43℃ ambient conditions.

• The electric system is upgraded and adopts high grade waterproof and dustproof plugins, which guarantees the safety and reliability. 

• Large capacity battery greatly improves the start performance.

• Dual-brake booster design guarantees the safety and reliability of the brake system.

• The overall design meets China’s mandatory noise and safety standards.



Bucket Capacity

1.5-2.5 m3

Rated Load Capacity

3000 kg

Operating Weight

9700 kg

Max. Drawbar Pull

97 kN

Max. Breakout Force

127 kN

Max. Gradeability


Min. Turning Radius (Outside of Bucket)

5962 mm

Min. Turning Radius (Outer Tire)

5096 mm

Cycle Time (Bucket lifting, tipping and lowering)

9.3 s

Dump Height


Dump Reach



2630 mm

Standard Dimensions (L×W×H) (mm)




Xichai 6110  CA6DFID  National Stage II emission standards


In-line, vertical, water cooling, 4-stroke

Rated Power

92 kW

Max. Torque

520 Nm

Drive System

Torque Converter



Single stage, 3 elements, centripetal type

Transmission Type

Fixed axle, constant engaged power shift

Speed Gears

4 forward, 2 reverse gears

Max. Speed

37.6 km/hr

Front/Rear Drive Axle

4WD, fixed front axle, swing rear axle(±12°)

Steering System


Articulated frame, full hydraulic steering

Steering Angle (left/right)


Hydraulic System

Hydraulic System Pressure

16.5 MPa

Operation Mode

Mechanical control

Brake System

Service Brake

Single circuit, air-over-oil 4-wheel caliper disc brake

Parking & Emergency Brake

Pneumatic internal expanding shoe brake





Fuel Tank

137 L

Hydraulic System

90 L

Optional Devices

Deutz WP6G125E22National Stage II emission standards

Quick coupler and tools

Coal bucket and long reach arm

Sand bucket

Rock bucket

Long reach arm

Grass fork

Log grab

Air conditioner