Wheel Loader SEM650B Rated load 5ton

Wheel Loader SEM650B  Rated load 5ton
Product Details


        Tailored for  heavy-duty applications.

        Optimized for ports, mines, steel mills, hard rock earthmoving applications

  •        High Reliability

  •        Robust countershaft design prolongs the life by 30%-50% in tough applications.

  •        Caterpillar patented design cooling package guarantee 24 hours continuous operation.

  •        Caterpillar resourcing hydraulic components and delivers unbeatable durability.

  •        Main components designed and manufactured in house made at CQL, achieve best matching.

  •        High Productivity

  •        The SEM PS bucket, utilizes a Caterpillar patented design, allowing 10% more material to be loaded into the bucket.

  •        Twin-pump merging hydraulic system saves energy by 5%

  •        Super long 3300mm wheel base and 32T axle ensures stability and 10-15% larger tipping load. 

  •        In 2011, the SEM 650B won the Caterpillar Chairman’s Product Quality Award.  The SEM 650B competed against other Caterpillar machines in this competition. The SEM 650B achieved the award, based on statistical analysis of the machines reliability and quality data.


Heavy Duty Designed Driveline Prolongs 30-50% Serve Life

n  In the mines, ports, cement and other heavy applications, the SEM 650B driveline provides increased life by approximately 30-50%:

n  Countershaft transmission provides double life, compared to competitive planetary transmissions in the same tough application

n  Single pole three element torque converter, increases work efficiency by 10%

n  SEM Heavy Duty Axles, are specially designed with 32 tons payload, 20% higher than competitive machines, who usually offers 26-26.5 ton axles.

n  The Planetary Transmission has a less durable clutch design, where  the overrunning clutch does not stop the load operation, resulting in early wear of the clutch discs causing the transmission to fail.

n  The SEM Countershaft Transmission has more operational flexibility, with its additional speeds, to provide more efficient operation and different applications, and a maximum machine speed of 45 km/hr for traveling distances (40% higher than most planetary transmissions).

n  The SEM Countershaft transmission uses world class bearings, which provide life nearly double (1.67 times) the bearings used in competitive planetary transmissions. 


Cooling System – 24 Hours Continuous Operation Guarantee

n  Utilizing three independent cooling radiator cores (engine, transmission and hydraulic cooling is separate), allows worry free operation in all normal conditions.   The separate cooling cores provide consistent and effective cooling, in all normal conditions.

n  Customers with heavy duty applications, in extreme temperatures, can choose a high ambient cooling package, which allows worry free operation in temperatures up to 50C.

n  SEM optimized cooling packages, are designed to ensure coolant and oil stay within their operating temperatures, which enables the service fluid change internals to be met.   These operations temperatures are 70-80C for engine coolant, transmission oil of 90-100 C.

n  An expansion tank, reduces the water pumps inlet pressure, therefor increasing the water pumps life.


Frame & Structure

SEM cooling package and structural frame designed for heavy duty applications, by incorporating the following

n Rugged frame, passing detailed design analysis

n Plate & fin type high pressure resistance cooler design (increases life by 30% in heavy duty and corrosive applications)

n Temperature resistant rubber baffling, surrounding the cooling package, to ensure optimum airflow

n ISO mounting pads, to minimize structural flexing of the cooling system, to ensure prolonged life.


Hydraulic System – More Reliable

n  Utilizes twin-pump merging hydraulic system, to optimize efficiency, to save on fuel consumption

n  Optimized system design, pressure setting went through selection valve but not traditional pump , saving 5% of energy

n  Design utilizes world class hydraulic pumps and components, to deliver reliability and durability.

n  Industry leading pilot valve, implementing valve and high pressure tubes manufactured and tested by Caterpillar factory

n  System incorporates pressure tap fittings, to allow fast diagnosis of any potential issue.


Work Tools, Effective and More Choice

n  Product various bucket options with size from 2.7 to 4.5 cub. m

n  Once the bucket is dumped, and the lift arm is lowered, the bucket returns to a ready-to-dig position (bottom of the bucket is parallel to the ground).   This reduces hydraulic cycle time up to 17%

n  Machines equipped with a quick coupler, can change between work tools in less than 2 minutes



Main Specifications

Rated Load Capacity 

5,000 kg

Operating Weight 

16,700 kg

Bucket Capacities

2.7 - 4.5 m3

Overall Dimension L*W*H(mm)



Rated Gross Power

162 kW @ 2100 rpm




126 mm


130 mm


9.726 L

Peak Toque

920 Nm

Operating Specifications

Max. Rim-pull

162 kN

Breakout Force

163 kN

Full Turn Static Tipping Load

102 kN

Hydraulic System


Pilot Control

Pump Flow-Implement Pump

97 mL/rev

System Pressure Setting

19 Mpa

Hydraulic Cycle Time


5.8 s


0.9 s

       Lower(Empty, Float Down)

3.7 s


10.4 s


Steering Angle Left/Right


Minimum Turning Radius Over Rear Tire

6931 mm 

Minimum Turning Radius Over Bucket

5917 mm 





Fixed with Calipers


Fixed with Osc. Frame with Calipers

Maximum Single-Wheel Rise and Fall

 Oscillating ± 11°

Brake System

Service Brake

Dry & calipers , Air to oil control

Parking Brake

Drum type shoe brake , Spring applied & air released



SEM TR200 / B-YJ375


 Countershaft, Power shift

Travel Speed

   Forward 1

8.8 km/hr

   Forward 2

16.7 km/hr

   Forward 3

25.8 km/hr

   Forward 4

41 km/hr

   Reverse 1

8.8 km/hr

   Reverse 2

16.7 km/hr

   Reverse 3

 25.8 km/hr

   Reverse 4

 41 km/hr

Service Refill Capacities

Fuel tank

273 L

Cooling System

45 L

Engine Lubricating Oil

19 L

Oil for Converter and Gear Box

55 L

Differentials and Final Drivers


40 L


40 L

Hydraulic Tank

140 L



23.5 - 25



Textured Type


Air Pressure

Front 400 kPa / Rear 350 kPa



Company Information

Qingzhou Changhui Machinery & Changhui International Trade Co., Ltd., which locates in Caterpillar industrial park, covers an area of 50, 000 m2. With convenient transportation, Jiqing expressway and Jiaoji railway pass by around and Qingdao port is only 200 kilometers from here. Thus, it has great advantages in import & export shipping, especially in container transshipment.


Changhui specializes in manufacturing and exporting all kinds of machineries mainly in engineering& mining machinery. It includes wheel loader, sand-excavating ship, dredger, soil compactor, forklift and other products related as well as the accessories. We have a group of super engineers with rich experience and R&D ability who can solve all problems of the products ,ensuring that we can make the best products according to customers’ demands. With competitive price, good quality and good after-sale service, we earn more and more trust and good reputation from customers both at home and abroad.


Freight forwarders and principal-agent business of import & export, Machinery package, assembly and disassembly are also important in our company. Currently, we have friendly cooperative and long-term relationship with international shipping companies, such as MAERSK, COSCO,MSC,EVERGREEN, etc, which makes competitive price possible for customers in available lines. We are able to undertake import & export of bulk cargo, LCL, container business and shipping booking stowage in major ports in China and in the world. We also serve customers in import and export customs declaration, inspection declaration, warehousing and multimodal transport. Meanwhile, we serve clients 24-hour with packing of exported machinery, unpacking, restoring and warehousing. It is more convenient and efficient due to the superior location.


By following “Credibility first, good service, sincere cooperation ", we promise our customers that we can provide service sincerely depending on your demands. Engineering machineries shipped by Changhui are spread more than 120 countries and regions around the world. With good quality, good service and competitive price, we have received high praise by customers both at home and abroad. Foreign customers have visited Changhui for many times, giving full affirmation to our product art process and customer service.


We start the business, but it is more important to keep business going on. With improving ourselves and keeping peace with the times, we have won more and more clients.


General Manger Wanling Li, together with all staff, sincerely and warmly welcome more customers come to visit and start our business talk!







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