ZLJ20F Wheel Loader

Product Details

I .Engine

1、LR4108 engine produced by Ricardo’s technology is provided, with strong power and small smoke exhaust, and rated power of 60KW;

2、By adopting an oil filter, it is excellent in filtration and suitable for operations in environments with large dust density;

3、The exhaust system of explosion-proof type is featured by small smoke, few pollution, low noise and good environmental protection, and especially suitable for tunnel or coal mine borehole operations;

4、The engine casing made from high-strength plates is firm and durable, effectively protecting the engine from being squashed by raw coal blocks。

II. Torque Converter

YJ-208 monopole three-element torque converter has high reliability and large output torque。

III. Transmission

Power-shift type transmission has high reliability and simple maintenance。

IV Protective Cab against Falling Objects

1、With the overall height of 2.35m and width of 1.9m, it can freely pass through medium and small-size tunnels; as the cab can be detached and assembled simply and conveniently, and the overall height is 1.73 after the cable is detached, so that the loader can flexibly drive in the shorter tunnels。

2、The steering wheel’s height can be regulated freely, which is convenient for driving in the shorter tunnels, further meeting drivers’ requirements, with more excellent operation comfort. ;

V. Lighting System

1、By adopting high-capacity batteries, lights can be lit for 4h continuously, and the engine still can be started;

2、Lights, with power of 100W, are suitable for operations in extremely dark environments;

3、All lights are provided with protective covers against falling objects, ensuring safety and durable use。

VI. Operation Efficiency

1、As the bucket has the rated capacity of 1.2m3 and its capacity can reach 1.5m3 after filling, the loader is extremely suitable for shoveling raw coal;

2、As the load capacity of raw coal is 120m3 each hour, the operation efficiency is high。

VII. Main Technical Parameter

1、I-gear Speed10Km/h
2、II-gear Speed24Km/h
3、Bucket Lifting Time4.8s
4、Fall Time3.3s
5、Dumping Time1.1s
6、Traction Force38.2KN
7、Breakout ForceRotating Bucket 48.8KN, 
8、Overall Dimensions (L*W*H)                    5123×1900×2350(mm)
9、Turning RadiusOutside of Bucket 4,821mm, Tyre