Height of the wind turbine towers stand

Winds also increased as the ground to increase (in 2007 Wizelius) height above. Therefore, the wind turbine on a tower higher than the turbines typically produce more energy in a smaller tower at the same location. The rate of change of wind speed with height is called wind shear and know all the height of the wind speed at the location of the file allows the generation of wind. Placing high in higher turbine must be weighed against the increased cost of the tower to capture the high-altitude winds.

However, allowing the tower height also allows large rotor directly or fewer turbine may produce the same output. (Katrina 2010) in two different wind turbine tower cost estimates are shown. These costs are one aspect of the larger economies of scale, higher turbine. Even if the cost / MW turbine itself does not scale well, in higher and more stable output increase wind energy savings plus capital investments can greatly reduce the cost of wind turbines.