The importance of wind turbine project site

Wind direction and wind strength and a large area of wind power projects have a great impact. When the wind reaches the blades of the wind turbine, wind direction and wind will be affected by the surrounding built environment, resulting in increased turbulence and slow the wind, the wind of these changes have reduced the potential performance of the wind turbine in urban areas these effects more pronounced so in the urban areas of the project site selection of wind turbines is a challenge.

Wind speed with altitude and terrain changes, smooth surface, such as marine and flat land are the fastest wind speed. So, all the trees and hills buildings will disrupt the wind, causing the change in wind direction, wind speed or reduced. These barriers also create turbulence, thereby reducing the performance of the wind turbine blades, and increases the wear of the turbine. In general, the best wind in the canopy above the roof of the building or, in the most appropriate place where the wind generator.