The importance of wind turbine maintenance

Wind turbine must be placed field, running conditions are very poor. To improve the reliability of wind turbines, extend the life of the unit, regular maintenance is very important. Experienced experts in foreign exchange of experience in wind power had to speak, focusing on wind turbine maintenance, not in maintenance. Depending on the length of the maintenance of the quality of life of the wind turbine may be. Wind turbine maintenance work is not complicated,

However, operation and maintenance personnel must have a basic knowledge of wind power generation technology, energy and heat in cold weather and world-altitude operations. At the same time, equipment maintenance personnel must have personally significant fault analytical skills and on-site processing capabilities, and can quickly perform minor repairs on the spot. Therefore, equipment maintenance personnel involved in the installation process should be familiar with the construction of wind turbines, as well as participate in the operation and maintenance training courses. Following a few maintenance measures for reference:

(1) according to the manufacturers to provide drawings and specifications, preparing detailed "wind power generation operation and maintenance of order" for people to learn about, and seriously implemented.

(2) Studying the basic principles of wind power, understand the performance of the wind turbine, master Start and Stop methods.

(3) regularly carry out ideological education and cultivate a sense of responsibility and professionalism of staff.