Wind and solar and hydro power

Throughout the resource structure, a non-renewable resource thermal power generation and nuclear power generation, the face of resource constraints of the status quo, a variety of renewable clean energy generation has begun to use the energy to power generation.

German wind power more famous, but wind power has a certain degree of instability, it is not very reliable; but with relatively reliable solar power is still relatively few, but not particularly reliable, because if the weather is not sunny the case can not be fully guaranteed; compared to hydro power generation and flood season affected more significant. But generally speaking the solar wind and hydro power generator in the investment cost is lower than the cost of thermal power generation, energy conservation is the core of the new energy promotion, there is still the key point is green. Always know.

See below a set of data shows that you will be able to understand the general: over the same period, production of wind power dropped by 10 percent to 2.24 billion kwh, while solar energy production unchanged at 14.3 TWh, water and electricity production increased by 3% to 920 million kwh, nuclear output by 1.8% to 46 TWh.