87kgs Plate Compactor (soil compactions)

87kgs Plate Compactor (soil compactions) Product Detail

Used Soil Compactor Basic Info

  • Model NO.:JFC87

87kgs Plate Compactor (soil compactions) Product Description

87kgs plate compactor(soil compactions)
Model No.: JFC87

Good for compaction of sand, gravel, grit and granular materials.

-Vibration isolated reversible handle for easy operation and reduced operator fatigue.
-Conveniently placed handles.
-Open design reduces dirt building.
-Centrally mounted fully enclosed exciter for an even spread of force over the whole base plate.
-Heavy-duty shock mounts reduce vibration to the upper engine&handle.
-Protective frame is available as optional.

Used Soil Compactor Engine Air-cooled.4-storke,single cylinder
Engine Type HondaGX160 168FC RobinEY20 Diesel170F RobinEX17 B&S
Power kw(hp) 4.0(5.5) 4.8(6.5) 3.7(5.0) 3.2(4.2) 4.2(5.7) 4.8(6.5)
Weight kg(bs) 87(190) 87(190) 88(192) 97(213) 87(190) 85(186)
Frequency vpm 6500
Centrifugal Force kn 19.8
Compaction Depth cm(in) 30(12)
Travel Speed cm/(in/s) 48(18)
Efficiency m 2 /hr(ft 2 /hr) 770(8300)
Plate Size cm(in) 61x46(24x18)
Used Soil Compactor Package cm 64x48x77 64x48x86 64x48x76

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