Analytical Diesel Generator Set Acoustic Cover

It can effectively block the noise of the rumor, to reduce the impact of noise on the environment, but will give the maintenance, monitoring, piping layout, etc. inconvenience, and not conducive to heat the cover means it is sometimes necessary ventilation to air cooling within the enclosure.

1, generator set acoustic hood body made of steel sheet metal, thickness is generally 2-3mm, covered with a layer damping layer to prevent low-frequency resonance effect and the board fit board.

2, the housing can be used wood or plastic sheeting, lightweight insulation structure can be aluminum, demanding diesel generator sets insulation cover can be double shell, the inner layer is slightly thinner than the outer layer, the distance between the two layers in 6-10mm , filled with a porous sound-absorbing material.

3, acoustic enclosures inside additional sound-absorbing material to absorb sound and reduced noise within the cavity, in this layer of sound-absorbing material and then covered with a layer perforated panel protection, perforation area of about 20% of the area of the facing -30 %.

4, between the cover and fill the machine, the cover and base with rubber pads to prevent the transmission of vibration.

5, viewing window installation, to facilitate the observation data, but must be sealed observation window.