Development Trend Of China Generator Set Leasing Industry

A period of time a large area of the "shortage" appears, make our country and the world generator units and related equipment market ushered in the "big bull market." To this end we have to pay attention to the status quo and development trend of China's generating units. History of the development of generators of 1986 wind turbines and diesel generator sets operating in parallel sets of technology research projects undertaken by the Lanzhou Institute of power vehicles, after five years, has on two different 10-kilowatt wind turbines were operating in parallel tests It was a complete success, in 1991 through the national identification. So that China's wind power and diesel generator parallel operation technology has reached the international level. (Generator rental) in 1982, Britain was first reported by solar cells, wind power and diesel generator sets with power combinations communications field test results, the total electric power of 75 kWh which solar and wind energy for 431 kwh, diesel generator sets for 226 kwh. (Generator rental) Of course, the new energy power generation also includes geothermal, ocean tidal energy and biomass, the development of these new energy sources are also associated with the internal combustion power generation equipment. In addition to being outside the protection of the power, biomass power generation is the first in the engine-generator sets used. In recent years, China's biomass generator set market has also made great progress. Since 1996, Chongqing Hongyan internal combustion engine limited liability company produced the first batch of 180 kilowatts of two gas turbine, (generator rental) two 200 kilowatts since rice husk gas generating units, generating units of biomass on a good show market prospects.