Diesel Generator Fuel Use

1. Fuel diesel ASTMNO.2-D, for the use of diesel fuel, in particular, the requirements of clean, less impurities.

High pressure fuel pump components very sophisticated, even by observing the filter is less than the minor impurities also bring damage.


2. Fuel use

Fuel from the fuel tank to the high pressure pump way to go through several filtration purification, despite this, the fuel tank when refueling or to full attention. Mixed with water or impurities in the fuel is often the cause of a major failure. Therefore, to keep the fuel clean.

When disposing of fuel to note the following: Jintan generator rental

· Fuel should be stored in the fuel tank spear more than 24 hours to fully precipitation water and impurities, the upper part of the fuel use.

· Always open drain cock at the bottom of the fuel tank, exhaust deposits.

2. Air-fuel system exclude

Air inside the fuel system is not completely ruled out if the engine can not start properly. First, confirm whether the fuel tank and the fuel supply valve is open, then the following order to exclude air.

1) Loosen the air filter once excluded plug (1) to start the hand pump on Loosen the pump (2) slowly up and down the press.

2) exclusion from the air discharged from the fuel plug plug when tightening does not contain air bubbles. Jintan generator rental

3) Loosen the high pressure pump to exclude the air plug (3) for the same operation.

4) Loosen the high pressure pump to exclude the air plug (4) for the same operation at the end of the air vent plug before tightening the hand pump on the input start pump press spin lock.

Notes: Jintan generator rental

(1) Starting a hand pump to lock the front vent plug and tighten all the words, by the action of internal forces hand pump tubing will not recover.

(2) from the exhaust plug spilled fuel use cloth Kaijing. Jintan generator rental