Diesel Generator Set And Machine Common Problems

Modular parallel control system, for example, adjusting circulation balanced parallel debugging turbines generally parallel first parallel unit load when small enough and stable operation, and through the active load distributor balance transfer, where the key is to solve empty circulation problems when parallel load. In two units in parallel, for example, load the parallel often arise: (1) the circulation is too large, far more than 10% of the rated current of the parallel units; (2) in parallel with the circulation run time is gradually increased until the inverse power alarm; instability (3) circulation, random suddenly suddenly small. How to solve these problems? We have two equal power units in parallel, for example, to analyze the reasons for circulation generated. Circulation U1: 1 # unit terminal voltage, U2: 2 # unit terminal voltage, R3 :( generator rental) two units operating in parallel load carried, I0: circulation, I1: 1 # unit output current, I2: 2 # units of output current. Haifeng diesel generator to provide technical support. Ruoshi two units operating in parallel, under any load circulation I0 is 0, it must U1 = (generator rental) U2, namely two units at any load (generator rental) running the terminal voltage are equal. Load parallel infinite equivalent load, no-load terminal voltage U01, U02 should also be equal. That U01 = U02 (1-2) We know that the average active power distribution depends on the characteristics of the diesel engine and speed control system, without allocation of reactive power depends on the characteristics of the generator and excitation system, that is, generators surge feature itself. Surge is a characteristic U = f (I) curve, U for the turbine end voltage, I is current.