Diesel Generator Use And Maintenance

Diesel generator use and maintenance

A level maintenance (day care)

l) Check the generator work daily;

2) Check the generator oil flat, coolant plane;

3) generators daily inspection for damage, leakage, whether loose or worn belt;

4) Check the air filter, clean the air filter cores and replace if necessary;

5) the release of the fuel tank and fuel filter the water or sediment;

6) Check the water through the filter; Jintan generator rental

7) Check the starter battery and battery fluid, adding supplementary liquid, if necessary;

8) Start generator and check for abnormal noise;

9) Clean the tank with an air gun, dust cooler and cooling network.

Level B Maintenance

1) Repeat A-level daily checks;

2) every 100-250 hours, to replace the diesel filter;

All diesel filter can not be cleaned. It can only be replaced. 100-250 hours just a flextime, must be based on diesel fuel and replace the actual cleanliness;

3) every 200-250 hours, to replace the generator oil and oil filter;

Oil must meet US APICF level and above;