Electric Lift for Steel Material (High Frequency)

Electric Lift for Steel Material (High Frequency) Basic Info

  • Model NO.: MW5-240L/1-75

  • Duty Cycle: 75%

  • Cold-State Power: 25.9kw

  • High Lift Arrangement Magnet Diameter: 2400mm

  • Lifting Capacity for Steel Ball: 26000kg

  • Application: Workshop Usage, Container Usage, Furnace

  • Specification: ISO9001: 2008

  • High Lift Arrangement HS Code: 85059010

  • Rated Voltage: DC-220V

  • Current: 117.6A

  • High Lift Arrangement Weight: 9800kg

  • Lifting Capacity for Cast Iron: 4850/3900kg

  • Lifting Capacity for Steel Scrap: 2950/2350kg

  • High Lift Arrangement Origin: China

Electric Lift for Steel Material (High Frequency) Product Description

Electric Lift for Steel Material (High Frequency)

Electric Lift for Steel Material (High Frequency) Application:

--Lifting magnet is designed to lift and move cast ingots, steel ball,sheets,bars and scrap of ferromagnetic materials. The magnets are to be attached to cranes, excavator,and other hoisting machines at metallurgical plants, scrap yards and ship-building plants.

--Lifting magnet may be installed and used as single magnet or as arrangements of multiple magnets. 

Electric Lift for Steel Material (High Frequency) Features:

--(circular/square/rectangular), available diameters from 500 mm up to 3000 mm;
--heat insulated magnets. They are used to move hot cargoes having surface temperature of up to 700° C;
--magnets for any climatic requirements;
--magnets with up to 60%-80% duty cycle;

About Enquiry:
To help you get the best electro lifting magnet for your application, we should have the following information:

1. What are the materials you want to lift?
For example: Steel scraps, steel billet, ingot, plate, bar or ball.
2. What's the lifting capacity you expect?
3. What kind of working site does the magnet work? Indoor or outdoor?
4. Kindly provide power supply information (__V, DC/AC, __Hz), and information for crane (single beam or double beam, single hook or double hook, how about the loading capacity).
(More details, please feel free to contact us directly. )

Overall dimension drawing

Electric Lift for Steel Material (High Frequency) Lifting Magnet Application

High Frequency type(Normal Temperature;Rated voltage DC-220V;Power-on sustaining rate TD-75%)
 ModelElectric current (A)Cold-state power   (kw)lifting capacity (kg)        cold/hot state      Mass (kg) Overall dimension (mm)
steel ball cast ironsteel scrapABCDE


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