Forging Forklift Spare Parts Gearbox Fork for Truck Parts

Forging Forklift Spare Parts Gearbox Fork for Truck Parts Basic Info

  • Processing Object: Metal

  • Molding Technics: Pressure Forging

  • Material: Alloy Steel,Carbon Steel

  • Surface Treatment: Polishing

  • Pallet Fork Standard: GB

  • Type: Gearbox Shift Fork

  • Price Term: FOB

  • Pallet Fork Place of Origin: Zhejiang,China

  • Package: Wooden Pallet or Case or Your Requirement

  • Origin: Zhejiang Ruian

  • Molding Style: Forging

  • Application: Machinery Parts

  • Pallet Fork Heat Treatment: Quenching

  • Forging Tolerance: +/-0.1mm

  • Certification: ISO 16949:2009

  • Size: 0.10-200kg

  • Pallet Fork Delivery Time: 30days

  • Specification: GB

Forging Forklift Spare Parts Gearbox Fork for Truck Parts Product Description

Forging Forklift spare parts Gearbox fork for truck parts
specification:Forging parts,Forged shift fork,Gearbox fork

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 Forging Forklift Spare Parts Gearbox Fork for Truck Parts product description:

Product Name:Forging Forklift spare parts Gearbox fork for truck parts
Process: Hot Forging and Machining
certificate:ISO 16949:2009
Raw material:stainless steel, Alloy steel, High-Quality carbon steel, Alloy Aluminum.copper Alloy
Detection: In Accordance With The Customer's Requirements
Product Specification: 
 In Accordance With The Customer's Requirements(Drawing Or Sample)
Packing: wooden pallet or wooden case
 In Accordance With The Customer's Requirements
Delivery time: After receive the L/C,T/T35days or depends on the quality
Application: Machinery parts, Auto parts, Agricultural Machinery parts,
 construction parts, hardware industrial parts, general industrial equipment, general mechanical components, Heavy truck parts,
Machinery components; Heavy duty forged parts, Railway parts

Our company advantage;

1.Technicians and Operators have more than 28 years experience in forging industry.

2.Rich experience in different material: carbon steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, aluminum, copper, titanium and alloy, nickel alloy and other nonferrous metal.

3.Heat treating: Normalizing, Quenching, Tempering

4.Surface treating: Shot blasting, Hot Dip Galvanized, Electroplating, Oxidation, powder coating,

5.OEM value added service: precise machining and assembling as per drawings or your requirement

The Main Products of Our Company:
Various automobile gearbox and spare parts of motor; spare parts of motorcycle; spare parts for speed up of railway vehicles; non-ferrous metal(Electrical appliances products);spare parts for shipping container mine, constrution parts, textile machinery; furniture and hardware etc. products.
Process Equipment of Our company 

Manufacturing equipments:Machining Equipments:
1. 250Ton-1600Ton Frication Press Machines 1.CNC Machining Center
2.  250ton,630ton,400ton Numerical control electric screw press
2. Precision digital control lathe 
3. hot die forging press3. Numerical milling machine 
4.40T-1200T Precision press 4.Numerical  Drilling  Machines
5.500Kg&1Ton Air Hammers5.CNC for mould
6. standing drill machine  
7.bench drill machine, CNC machining centre 

Forging Forklift Spare Parts Gearbox Fork for Truck Parts Inspection Instruments:
1.Direct  reading  spectrometer
2.largetype horizontal metallurgical microscope
3.Tension tester, hardness tester 
4.layer thickness testing instrument 
5. Magnetic particle flaw detector
Why choose Zhejiang Zhengchang forging company ?
1. Strict Quality Control
- having trained and capable staff to provide high quality and tight tolerance precision machining parts.
- deliver problem-free products.
- on time delivery.
- treat seriously for our customer's drawings and adheres to the industry standards strictly in our precision machining.
2. Effective and Efficient Project Management
- a good management concept.
- effective of scheduling of the workflow.
- good communication internally.
- good communication with customer.
- good control of the manufacturing process.
- dedicated project engineers to follow up the customer from initial to end until mass production.
- will review the entirely project starting from design stage and come out with the detailed DFM(design For Manufacturing) plan and also estimate the  progress schedule.
- project engineer will follow up personally to ensure the project carried out smoothly during mass production.
- provide detailed information about the progress of each of the parts.
- transparency of project management and fast response to our customer.
- provide the report timely which the report consist of detail information concerning the progress of the project from time to time or on the request of customer.
3. Customer Service
- committed to meet all the requirements from our customer.
- based on effectiveness of two-way communication.
- value our customer feedback which we believe customers have valuable opinion to share with us.
- ensure ourself that we are accessible to them before, during and after project is completed.
- a close working relationship with our customer so that our customers can easily share with us of any concerns or queries they have.
- stress on internally communication, which is equally importance to our customer and this is also set as one of our service goals.
- our challenge to meet the project ahead and anticipating any problem that can be occurred and solve it! - From prototype, design, assembly, as well as information sharing with customer, we are providing a total solution for our customer.

The price of the production is just for reference, it depends your drawing. Any machine parts we can process  only if you send us designed drawing. Welcome  friends from all over the word to inquiry, we will give you a satisfying price.


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