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Key Specifications/Special Features:

G9190 is sdlg in absorbing Volvo advanced technology based on the research and development of a high-speed, high efficiency, high precision and multi-purpose products can achieve ground leveling, ditching, slop scraping, bulldozing, snow, loose, cloth, mixing and other work, and it is widely used in highways, airports, national defense engineering, mine construction, road construction, water conservancy construction and improvement of farmland construction conditions
1, Electronic configuration variable power DEUTZ engine, with three kinds of power curves, and its gearbox perfect matching, chosen according to the load the corresponding mode of power, to achieve the best performance and fuel efficiency, energy saving and high efficiency
2, Use of Volvo advanced technology of double oil cylinder drive tray type working device, using the domestic industry's first dual rotary oil cylinder and rotary valve structure, driving force, can be carried with rotation
3, With anti-roll (FOPS/ROPS) cab, good sealing performance, safe and reliable, broaden their horizons, in turning, crab and corner smooth work, is conducive to the observation of the blade at the two ends of the state, working accuracy high
4, Anti-lubrication, maintenance-free composite bearings, friction coefficient, impact resistance, wear resistance, high reliability, the use of hydraulic lock cylinder positioning, easy to operate
5, Blade cylinder structure and reasonable layout, high flatness operation
6, Electric appliance adopts the centralized control, the three level alarm electronic monitoring system, the digital step by step instrument display, the man-machine interaction is high, the examination and maintenance is convenient, the whole control has the automatic cruise function, the engine is working under the setting speed, reducing the labor intensity of the operator
7, Optional front dozer, ripper, after the ripper attachment, to meet the diverse needs of customers

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  • Asia

  • Mid East/Africa

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  • Minimum Order:1        Sets

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  • Lead Time: 30        -        35        days

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