Road Compactors

Road Compactors Basic Info

  • Working Method: Vibration

  • Origin: Shandong China

  • Type: Road Roller

  • Axle: Biaxial Dual-Drum

  • Specification: ISO9001

  • HS Code: 8429401100

Road Compactors Product Description

Road Compactors.jpg

Road Compactors Description:
1. Hydraulic double drum vibratory road roller are manufactured according to international advanced technology and by use of imported main components abroad, suitable for compaction of various stabilized soils, bituminous concrete and rolling cement concrete on road surface construction, also for compaction of road base course, which are universal compaction equipments for high-class highway, airport, harbors, dams, municipal road and industrial ground.

2. Leading brand Kubota engine (Japan) with large power storage, reliable performance, to reach EU II emission standard.

3. Hydrostatic travel and vibration drive in both drums with greater gradeability. High vibration frequency with great excited force for better road surface quality.

4. Hydrostatic center articulated steering, infinitely variable speeds for convenient of operation. The emergency stop push button assures safety and dependability of the machine.

5. The original imported hydraulic components as Sauer travel pump (USA), Poclain travel motor (France), Centa shaft coupler guarantees the good performance of the whole machine.

6. Compact design of small size and beautiful appearance, it is suited for compaction of narrow areas. Completely open engine cover offers the optimal space of maintaining.

mechanical drive, single roller vibration LT207G 4100AY or 498   s mooth surface tyre drive, hydraulic vibration, special gearbox, hydraulic clutch and brake, electric control water spraying system, cabin
LT210 YC6108G Pe rmco  or  Hercules  etc pumps and motors mechanical drive, hydraulic vibration and hydraulic steering, special driving axle, cabin with A/C
LT212 YC6108G
Mechanical drive, single steel roller vibration LT214 YC6108G Permco or Hercules etc pumps and motors mechanical drive, vibration vibration, hydraulic hinging and brake, special made gearbox and driving bridge, cabin
LT216B YC6108ZG
LT218B D6114ZG
LT220B D6114ZG
LT214S YC6108G SAUER or REXROTH plunger pump, motors mechanical drive, hydraulic vibration, hydraulic brake and hinging, special made gearbox and driving bridge, imported high pressure oil pipes and joints, cabin
LT216S YC6108ZG
LT218S D6114ZG
LT220S D6114ZG
LT322S D6114ZG
Full hydraulic single steel roller drive and single roller vibration LTS210H YC6108G  driving adopt Sauer or Rexroth hydraulic system, vibration adopt Permoco or Hercules gear pump or motors full hydraulic rear wheel driving, speed variable, hydraulic vibration and steering, imported high pressure oil pipes and joints, cabin 
LTS214H YC6108G
LTS316H 6BT5.9 SAUER or REXROTH system full hydraulic rear wheel drive, variable speed changing, hydraulic vibration and steering, special driving bridage, imported high pressure oil pipes and joints, cabin with A/C
LTS318H 6BTA5.9
LTS320H 6BTA5.9
LTS322H 6BTA5.9
Full hydraulic, twin wheel drive single roller vibration LTD210H 6 BT5.9 SAUER  or  REXROTH  system    Poclain  drive motor optional full hydraulic rear wheel drive, variable speed changing, hydraulic vibration and steering, special driving bridage, imported high pressure oil pipes and joints, cabin with A/C
LTD212H 6 BT5.9
LTD214H 6BT5.9
LTD216H 6BT5.9
LTD318H 6BTA5.9 SAUER  or  REXROTH  system    Poclain  drive motor optional full hydraulic double wheel drive, variable speed changing, hydraulic vibration and steering, special driving bridage, imported high pressure oil pipes and joints, cabin with A/C
Full hydraulic twin-wheel drive single steel roller vibration LTD320H 6BTA5.9
LTD322H 6BTA5.9
LTD326H 6CTA8.3