Severe Diesel Generator Fake, We Work Together

26th 3.15 show will be broadcast on March 15, 2016, as the domestic diesel generator manufacturer, Jiang Su Kaichen electricity has been insisting to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers for the purpose of maintaining the market economic order. Special reports this year of 3.15 show the concern of the traditional areas of consumption and two new areas of consumption, continue to expose some of the industry, there is the unspoken rules, and consumer markets that exist in the illegal infringement. Lookout who served as the consumer market, through in-depth investigation to discover the source of the problem, provide references and suggestions for the government to strengthen supervision.

In recent years, the development of the international market, the price of diesel generators each vary, diesel generator sets can be divided into traditional and emerging markets. Mainly refers to the traditional markets in Europe and North America region, the European market is the world's largest diesel generator market. Emerging markets including the Middle East and Africa, Southeast Asia and Oceania, South America and other regions.

Compared to traditional markets stabilize demand in emerging markets has a huge economic potential, especially in major oil-producing region, the use of lower cost generators machine, so the demand for large diesel generator sets.

Future development of the diesel generator set industry, though still very broad. But we need to actively absorb foreign advanced technology, advanced products, and constantly upgrading the product, in order to maximize meet market demand at home and abroad, demanding the formation of a strong production process to ensure quality and overall performance.