Situation Faced By Wind Turbines

With the worldwide shortage of non-renewable resources, developed countries regard the development of wind, solar and other renewable energy included in the development plan, to seize the renewable energy market, which was included in the national strategic priority to the development, China also increased the non-renewable resource development investment, and established a decade after the renewable resources in overall resource share of installed capacity, and therefore many of the emerging central investment projects, so to some extent, and certainly the wind solar energy as an emerging renewable energy achievements and the future realization of the wind power industry determination.

Wind power also has some drawbacks, because the nature of the air flow of the wind is formed, so the size and direction of the wind is difficult to control, with strong uncertainty and can not be controlled, so when the wind blows the size of the wind turbine blades when the force is largely also have a great relationship with the wind and the wind direction, wind turbines can not guarantee the speed of rotation speed. And China's wind power converters are used almost entirely on imports, which is China's wind power is a great restriction overcome the limitations of wind power will move forward to a new level.