The New Starting Point For A Bright Future Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Company's 2015 Annual Business Conference

On January 6, the Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Company's 2015 Annual Business Conference, on the theme of "a New Starting Point for a Bright Future," was held in Changsha, Hunan. The conference was attended by hundreds of top dealers from across the country. 


Standing at a new starting point in 2015, Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Company is looking to usher in a bright future of comprehensive development 
In 2014, Zoomlion expanded its strategic vision to encompass agricultural machinery and promoted its major strategic objective of simultaneously developing five main business sectors, including construction machinery, the environmental industry, agricultural machinery and financial services. Following a strategic restructuring, Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Company has expanded and improved significantly in the areas of market resources, management resources and technological innovation. 
Despite an overall decline in China's agricultural machinery market and a fierce environment of competition within the industry, Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Company has continued to be innovation-driven and achieved healthy and sustainable development in all its endeavors. This includes sales of the company's Gu Wang wheat and rice harvesters and Geng Wang tractors, which have given it the leading market share in the industry, while sales of Gu Wang drying machines are the highest in the country. 


Zoomlion's new Gu Wang and Geng Wang products for 2015 are announced 

At the business conference, Zoomlion officially announced the release of 15 new high-end agricultural products that use advanced domestic technology, such as a hydraulic-drive rice harvester and power-shift tractor, for 2015. The company also unveiled the TB60 wheat harvester and PL40 rice harvester, both of which are upgrades of top-selling models from 2014. All the products were welcomed and praised by dealers and customers who attended the conference. The all-new Gu Wang PQ45 fully hydraulic crawler rice combine harvester has a dual-pump, dual-motor hydraulic transmission and fully hydraulic drive chassis design which not only makes it easy to operate but allows it to execute turns with ease. The product promises to lead domestic rice harvesting technology in a new direction, and its launch is eagerly anticipated by customers. 
"Zoomlion's excellent products and service have allowed me to go from being an ordinary farmer to a large grain producer and owner of agricultural machinery. The announcement of these new upgraded products will help cooperatives develop to new levels," said the president of the Liuyang City Fengqing Agricultural Cooperative, Yi Fengwen, who was invited to the conference as a customer representative. 


General Manager of Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Company Wang Jinfu presents awards to new dealers

"Amid new and more intense market competition, we want to seize opportunities together with Zoomlion and tirelessly strive hand-in-hand from a new starting point for the sake of our common goals and a bright future," a top dealer at the conference told reporters. 
During the conference, Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Company held a launch ceremony for its new silage machine, drying machine and other products. Participants were also given the opportunity to test drive a range of new Gu Wang and Geng Wang products. Awards were also given to the year's top ten dealers, top ten franchised dealers and best new franchised dealers. 
Recently, the China National Hybrid Rice Engineering Technology Research Center joined forces with Zoomlion to officially launch a demonstration project on agricultural-agronomic integration in the production of super-high-yielding hybrid rice. The "father of hybrid rice," Yuan Longping, of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Vice Governor of Hunan province Zhang Shuofu, Deputy Secretary-General of the Hunan Provincial Government Chen Jifang, Director of the Hunan Provincial Agricultural Department Wang Loufang and Zhan Chunxin, chairman of Zoomlion, attended the launch ceremony. At the same time, a list of achievements in agricultural-agronomic integration in all aspects of hybrid rice production, from raising seedlings, tilling, planting and field management, to harvesting and post-processing, were announced. Senior technical experts from the super-high-yielding hybrid rice agricultural-agronomic integration team also took to the stage during the launch ceremony. 
China is a large agricultural country and its modernization depends on agricultural modernization, which itself depends on the modernization of agricultural machinery. This basic national condition means there is huge potential demand for agricultural machinery. Zoomlion intends to apply the experience and resources it has accumulated in construction machinery to the field of agricultural machinery and integrate its superior resources to promote the development of high-end, intelligent and multi-functional products," Zoomlion chairman Zhan Chunxin said. He also noted that Zoomlion Heavy Machinery Company will rapidly improve the international competitiveness of its products, and not only break the monopoly of multinational companies in the high-end domestic agricultural machinery market but also position Chinese agricultural machinery within the international high-end market.


Zoomlion's new agricultural equipment for 2015 has attracted widespread interest from customers