What Reason Will Cause Excessive Fuel Consumption Of Diesel Generator Sets

First, when found in excessive oil consumption, should first check the body and gear chamber cover, whether the tape, cover, cover and other connection lines round the side of the oil leakage. Such as oil spills, should observe the various joints seal is complete, generator rental to the damaged gasket replacement. If the seal integrity should Haka various parts of the connecting screws are loose. Predetermined torque to the bolts with a wrench to loosen the. If the above parts of the normal and the oil spill in the rack position to deal with the oil casing inspection, major inspection site in the front row with the oil on the shell side of the wheel on the same side, usually caused by generator rental base screws loose, in-line wheels Driven by the oil belt protection shell rack angle iron long-term collision, the oil mill to produce oil leakage through the shell formed gap.

Second, long-term use of normal engine wear and tear formation, or normal wear and tear due to improper maintenance of non-formation, will have a diesel engine cylinder liner to form a vertical line pull marks, bore, the piston side clearance exceeds the predetermined value, the corresponding piston ring stays force reduction small scraper net phenomenon does not occur. Or because of the inner ring of the oil stays twisted spring disconnect the oil ring opening position, resulting in a net and scraping oil does not participate in the combustion, resulting in severe oil consumption, manifested as difficult to start the diesel engine, the exhaust pipe obvious blue smoke coming out respirator injector serious. Again, this should be on the side of the piston, during assembly due to the direction of the combustion chamber is formed inverted inverted position, although will not affect the start of the diesel engine, but the loss of the oil will be very serious, fuel consumption is about 0.5 kg per day.